Stanima Fantasy Sports Open Championships

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2014 Pick One Standings
Pick One Survivor Pay Table
1Brown 21$2500
2Naked Boot Legs P1-2$600
3Brown 5$500
4madgamblers Pick 1$400
5Chasing Us$300
6The Reprobate 5$200
9kbach po 2$75
10Fumbles III$75

Week 17 Standings

RankTeamNamePlayer NameTotal ScoreStatus
1Brown 21Cam Newton340.24Alive
2Brown 5Matt Ryan343.82Points Bracket
3Naked Boot Legs P1-2Arian Foster335.40Points Bracket
4madgamblers Pick 1Cam Newton324.22Points Bracket
5The Reprobate 5Tony Romo305.74Points Bracket
6kbach po 2Arian Foster279.86Points Bracket
7Fumbles IIITony Romo271.86Points Bracket
8Moggs1Not Selected250.80Points Bracket
9Brown 3Arian Foster247.82Points Bracket
--^^ top 10 ^^
10JPWINIT 1Not SelectedAlive
10team9TwgUmihNot SelectedAlive
10BluebirdsNot SelectedAlive
10teamrubuegUPNot SelectedAlive
10BulldogsNot SelectedAlive
10teamvIwdYKvtNot SelectedAlive
10GreyhoundsNot SelectedAlive
10team1D1B2VQANot SelectedAlive
10RedbirdsNot SelectedAlive
10teamZlTyWX1qNot SelectedAlive
10BluedogsNot SelectedAlive
10teamhRBj5LO2Not SelectedAlive
10teamSIcE1AklNot SelectedAlive
10teamrlFp28X8Not SelectedAlive
10teamexl2y0QVNot SelectedAlive
10teamjWxgT2dANot SelectedAlive
10Michael\\\'s TeamNot SelectedAlive
10JP5Not SelectedAlive
10JPWINIT 4Not SelectedAlive
10JPWINIT 3Not SelectedAlive
10JPWINIT 2Not SelectedAlive
11kbach po 6Ben Roethlisberger335.32Points Bracket
12Brown 12Ryan Tannehill330.16Points Bracket
13Brown 22Ryan Tannehill322.26Points Bracket
14Machine3Arian Foster319.70Points Bracket
15Brown 4Drew Brees316.64Points Bracket
16skowmanMatt Asiata316.52Points Bracket
17The Reprobate 1Andy Dalton299.64Points Bracket
18kbach po 1Ben Roethlisberger287.00Points Bracket
19kbach po 8Arian Foster286.56Points Bracket
20Naked Boot Legs P1-22Joe Flacco286.34Points Bracket
21El Rey 2Andy Dalton284.68Points Bracket
22Naked Boot Legs P1-3Ben Roethlisberger283.96Points Bracket
23Naked Boot Legs P1-16Arian Foster283.42Points Bracket
24Naked Boot Legs P1-6Ryan Tannehill282.52Points Bracket
25Naked Boot Legs P1-8Teddy Bridgewater281.32Points Bracket
26Naked Boot Legs P1-4Arian Foster278.30Points Bracket
27Naked Boot Legs P1-23Teddy Bridgewater275.26Points Bracket
28Naked Boot Legs P1-1Arian Foster273.84Points Bracket
29Naked Boot Legs P1-5Ryan Tannehill273.26Points Bracket
30Naked Boot Legs P1-24Teddy Bridgewater272.06Points Bracket
31Naked Boot Legs P1-13Joe Flacco271.90Points Bracket
32Naked Boot Legs P1-12Ben Roethlisberger271.82Points Bracket
33Naked Boot Legs P1-17Matt Ryan268.54Points Bracket
34Naked Boot Legs P1-9Matt Ryan265.24Points Bracket
35Brown 24Colin Kaepernick264.12Points Bracket
36Naked Boot Legs P1-25Joe Flacco262.72Points Bracket
37Naked Boot Legs P1-21Ryan Tannehill261.78Points Bracket
38Naked Boot Legs P1-20Matt Ryan260.30Points Bracket
39Naked Boot Legs P1-19Arian Foster259.32Points Bracket
40bluedogs2Justin Forsett259.28Points Bracket
40bluedogs1Justin Forsett259.28Points Bracket
41Fumbles INot Selected258.56Points Bracket
42Lions 4-12Ryan Tannehill256.78Points Bracket
43Naked Boot Legs P1-7Tony Romo255.78Points Bracket
44DarkhorseTeddy Bridgewater251.64Points Bracket
45Scooter 4Ryan Tannehill248.42Points Bracket
46Machine4Cam Newton246.66Points Bracket
47bluedogs3Justin Forsett246.30Points Bracket
48Deal BreakerDeAndre Hopkins245.82Points Bracket
49AC Player 3Cam Newton244.44Points Bracket
50Naked Boot Legs P1-18Ryan Tannehill244.08Points Bracket
51Fumbles VNot Selected243.94Points Bracket
52Fumbles IVNot Selected242.96Points Bracket
53Brown 25Drew Brees242.86Points Bracket
54Naked Boot Legs P1-14Joe Flacco241.96Points Bracket
55GhostNot Selected241.66Points Bracket
56MachineOdell Beckham Jr.239.98Points Bracket
57Naked Boot Legs P1-15Tony Romo239.10Points Bracket
58team reissNot Selected237.64Points Bracket
59kbach po 5Odell Beckham Jr.237.02Points Bracket
60jelienconEli Manning236.72Points Bracket
61The Reprobate 3Not Selected236.02Points Bracket
62Scooter 5Ryan Tannehill235.22Points Bracket
63APEX 4Not Selected234.44Points Bracket
64Zinja MagicArian Foster233.70Points Bracket
65Brown 23Colin Kaepernick232.98Points Bracket
66ZaoDi is the BestJustin Forsett228.18Points Bracket
67mindfunk IINot Selected226.64Points Bracket
68Moggs2Not Selected226.62Points Bracket
69Brown 19Andy Dalton226.22Points Bracket
69Brown 18Andy Dalton226.22Points Bracket
69Brown 17Andy Dalton226.22Points Bracket
70El Rey 5Not Selected226.04Points Bracket
71Brown 26Russell Wilson225.56Points Bracket
72El Rey 1Not Selected223.96Points Bracket
73El Rey 4Not Selected223.94Points Bracket
74Brown 15Andy Dalton222.32Points Bracket
75bluedogs4Justin Forsett219.02Points Bracket
75bluedogs5Justin Forsett219.02Points Bracket
76Brown 28Arian Foster218.94Points Bracket
77kbach po 7Peyton Manning216.72Points Bracket
78APEX 2Not Selected215.78Points Bracket
79ZaoDi is a BeastRyan Tannehill215.14Points Bracket
80mindfunkNot Selected214.40Points Bracket
81AC Player 7Odell Beckham Jr.213.76Points Bracket
82Brown 13Le'Veon Bell212.92Points Bracket
83Machine2Matt Asiata211.02Points Bracket
84Team Awesome 1Not Selected209.38Points Bracket
85kbach po 3Drew Brees209.02Points Bracket
86Brown 9Le'Veon Bell208.86Points Bracket
86Brown 6Le'Veon Bell208.86Points Bracket
87Brown 2Andy Dalton205.46Points Bracket
88APEX 3Not Selected204.92Points Bracket
89Brown 8Andy Dalton202.40Points Bracket
89Brown 7Andy Dalton202.40Points Bracket
90kbach po 9Russell Wilson201.34Points Bracket
91Naked Boot Legs P1-11Eli Manning199.28Points Bracket
92Lions Really SuckRyan Tannehill199.10Points Bracket
93Moggs3Not Selected199.08Points Bracket
94Naked Boot Legs P1-10Philip Rivers198.32Points Bracket
95Brown 10Andy Dalton198.24Points Bracket
96Bronco bustersNot Selected195.88Points Bracket
97Brown 20Not Selected194.62Points Bracket
97Brown 16Not Selected194.62Points Bracket
98skowman2Not Selected191.52Points Bracket
99Brown 27Russell Wilson191.14Points Bracket
100The Reprobate 2Not Selected190.66Points Bracket
101Fumbles IINot Selected189.78Points Bracket
102El Rey 3Not Selected188.52Points Bracket
103mindfunk IIINot Selected188.04Points Bracket
104dolpin shortsNot Selected186.04Points Bracket
105Brown 30Joe Flacco184.64Points Bracket
106Skulls 4Not Selected181.44Points Bracket
1072014 LONE WOLF 1Joe Flacco180.10Points Bracket
108Skulls 5Not Selected178.80Points Bracket
109Scooter 1Not Selected177.92Points Bracket
110kbach po 4Julio Jones177.14Points Bracket
111Lions SuckRussell Wilson176.50Points Bracket
112Brown 11Andy Dalton175.52Points Bracket
113Brown 1Andy Dalton172.90Points Bracket
114Brown 29Andrew Luck171.38Points Bracket
115kbach po 10Lamar Miller170.04Points Bracket
116skowman1Not Selected165.82Points Bracket
117Brown 14Andy Dalton165.56Points Bracket
118The Reprobate 4Not Selected165.50Points Bracket
119Team Awesome 4Not Selected163.42Points Bracket
120Team Awesome 2Not Selected162.08Points Bracket
121Team Awesome 5Not Selected159.76Points Bracket
122Hogs breathNot Selected159.36Points Bracket
123Eagles Pick 1 addonNot Selected150.70Points Bracket
124Team Awesome 3Not Selected150.54Points Bracket
125Bills Bunglers #3Not Selected150.32Points Bracket
126Skulls 2Not Selected145.32Points Bracket
127Bills Bunglers #2Not Selected145.02Points Bracket
128MichaelMannMatt Ryan144.22Points Bracket
129Ride the LightningNot Selected141.98Points Bracket
130Skull Crusher P1 add onNot Selected140.14Points Bracket
131Skulls 1Not Selected137.70Points Bracket
132Team Awesome 6Not Selected136.00Points Bracket
133Fade to BlackNot Selected135.72Points Bracket
134Shady1Not Selected132.80Points Bracket
135APEX 1Not Selected131.42Points Bracket
136Pkrboss1Not Selected130.90Points Bracket
137AC Player 12Mark Sanchez129.00Points Bracket
138Skulls 3Not Selected125.76Points Bracket
139AC Player 2Teddy Bridgewater123.16Points Bracket
140AC Player 11Antonio Brown121.20Points Bracket
141Scooter 2Not Selected120.90Points Bracket
142Master of PuppetsNot Selected119.50Points Bracket
143APEX 5Not Selected116.06Points Bracket
144Perfect pick oneNot Selected113.28Points Bracket
145HGG..........4Not Selected107.52Points Bracket
146Scooter 3Not Selected105.26Points Bracket
147Shady 2.0Not Selected101.78Points Bracket
148Hot Rats P1 1Not Selected91.42Points Bracket
149Bills Bunglers #1Not Selected91.00Points Bracket
150Hot Rats P1 2Not Selected80.34Points Bracket
151Bills Bunglers #5Not Selected78.32Points Bracket
152FlashPick1Not Selected67.44Points Bracket
153Samari DrabusNot Selected66.66Points Bracket
154Kill Em AllNot Selected65.18Points Bracket
155Pkrboss2Not Selected64.72Points Bracket
156HGG..........5Not Selected60.98Points Bracket
157Bills Bunglers #4Not Selected58.14Points Bracket
158Ninja DrabusNot Selected52.18Points Bracket
159JMW1Not Selected47.96Points Bracket
160JMW2Not Selected46.80Points Bracket
161JMW3Not Selected43.98Points Bracket
162Knight DrabusNot Selected42.84Points Bracket
163FlashPick3Not Selected38.30Points Bracket
164HGG..........2Not Selected32.40Points Bracket
165FlashPick2Not Selected20.34Points Bracket
166teamvaUMP4mNNot Selected19.88Points Bracket
167Shady 3.0Not Selected18.80Points Bracket
168HGG..........1Not Selected16.68Points Bracket
169Pirate DrabusNot Selected14.64Points Bracket
170Damage IncNot Selected13.88Points Bracket
171HGG..........3Not Selected7.64Points Bracket
172CrossfireHurricaneP1Not Selected0.00Points Bracket
172Special K Pick 1 add onNot Selected0.00Points Bracket
172Jedi DrabusNot Selected0.00Points Bracket